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RapidMiner ontological extension

How to install?

  1. Put it into lib/plugins inside the RapidMiner installation directory. Official RapidMiner installation guide, available at can be also help for you.
  2. Start RapidMiner.

RMonto is also available through RapidMiner's extension channel.

The development version of RMonto is available at Please note that it's irregulary uploaded snapshot, which may be broken.

How to use it?


Please use our Redmine bugtacker or mail it directly to me: jedrzej.potoniec (at)

Source code and license

RMonto is licensed on GNU Affero General Public License. Sources are available in git repository: Version currently available in marketplace is tagged with tag v1.0. Current development version is in branch devel and in branch master there are bug fixes prepared for next minor release (probably 1.1).

Citing RMonto

If you want to refeer to RMonto in you paper, please use the following reference:

Jedrzej Potoniec and Agnieszka Ławrynowicz. RMonto: Ontological extension to RapidMiner. In Poster and Demo Session of the ISWC 2011 - 10th International Semantic Web Conference, Bonn, Germany, 2011

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