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Welcome at the website of the project ARISTOTELES: Methodology and algorithms for Automatic RevISion of onTOlogies in TAsk basEd scEnarioS funded by the National Science Center Poland under the grant number UMO-2014/13/D/ST6/02076 (2015-2018).

The scientific problem to be solved by the project is the development and experimental evaluation of a methodology for automatic revision of ontologies based on the performance of the processes accomplishing tasks in which ontology is used in task-based scenarios.

Two types of scenarios will be considered:

  • meta-mining for automatic data mining workflow construction
  • dialog systems

The main idea of the project is illustrated in the following figure:

Timeline of @aristoteles_ncn
aristoteles_ncnaristoteles_ncn6 years, 8 months
RT @PotoniecJ: C. Maria Keet gives a talk about ontology TDD @agalawrynowicz @aristoteles_ncn #ESWC2016
aristoteles_ncnaristoteles_ncn6 years, 8 months
RT @agalawrynowicz: Maria Keet is presenting our paper on TDD for ontologies @aristoteles_ncn #ESWC2016
aristoteles_ncnaristoteles_ncn6 years, 8 months
RT @JLehmann82: The 5th edition of the Know@LOD workshop starting at @eswc_conf today at 9am with nine presentations! #machinelearning #sem…
aristoteles_ncnaristoteles_ncn6 years, 8 months
RT @agalawrynowicz: Piotr Jakubowski presenting our paper on #MLFrameNet at Know@LOD2016 #eswc2016 #machinelearning #aristoteles_ncn https:…
aristoteles_ncnaristoteles_ncn6 years, 9 months
RT @agalawrynowicz: Another paper with Maria Keet on TDD of #ontologies #tddonto got accepted this time to #dl2016


dr Agnieszka Ławrynowicz (Principal Investigator)
dr C. Maria Keet (External Co-Investigator)
Michał Robaczyk (PhD Student)
Piotr Jakubowski (PhD Student)


  1. C. Maria Keet and Agnieszka Ławrynowicz, Test-Driven Development of ontologies (extended version), Technical Report, *.pdf
  2. C. Maria Keet and Agnieszka Ławrynowicz, Test-Driven Development of ontologies, Extended Semantic Web Conference 2016, LNCS, Springer (in press)
  3. Agnieszka Ławrynowicz and C. Maria Keet, The TDDonto Tool for Test-Driven Development of DL Knowledge Bases, Description Logics workshop 2016 (DL2016) (in press)
  4. Piotr Jakubowski and Agnieszka Ławrynowicz, Extending FrameNet to Machine Learning Domain, Know@LOD 2016 workshop, co-located with ESWC2016 (accepted)

Supplementary material for papers 1,2,3: the results of the tests described in the report ABox versus TBox (*.zip) and OWL API versus SPARQL-OWL TBox (*.zip), tested ontologies *.zip


TDDOnto plugin

TDDOnto plugin can be downloaded from here.

Place the plugin in the plugins folder of Protégé 5.0. It can then be invoked from the Protégé menu Window→Views→Evaluation views→TDDOnto.

ML Framenet

Frames structures and corpus of annotated sentences may be found at: MLFrameNet

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